Whether you’re hoping to create a mood or increase security, your smart home can help.

Designed to illuminate your home as you desire, when and how you need, a home automation system by The Leon Group gives you the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that you’ve got control.

Saving money while protecting your home and family, smart home lighting controls also helps the environment by intuitively regulating energy usage. Furthermore, your lights and shades can be adjusted remotely, 24 hours a day, for enhanced security and safety if you are away for any extended period of time. Offering the most reliable smart home systems available today, The Leon Group lets you optimize the functionality of your home easily and conveniently.

Our technicians create the custom lighting solutions of your dreams.

Backed by almost three decades of experience in home service, our team of experts understands that your family is like no other – and your home automation needs to reflect and support your unique lifestyle. Designing, implementing and installing your home system with those requirements in mind, we strive to exceed even your highest expectations, expertly installing your home automation system quickly and efficiently. Find out more by scheduling your personal, in-home consultation with The Leon Group today. We promise prompt, courteous attention with a smile.