A smart home is happy home.

Taking home functionality and amplifying it, a smart home system truly makes a house your inviting home, personalizing it in ways you’ve never dreamed of. Like something out of the coolest sci-fi movies, your smart home is programmed to your schedule, lifestyle, habits and desires.

From your front door to your back deck, every room of your home can be controlled and optimized for stress-free convenience and confident living.


Allowing you to set the indoor temperature of your home, adjusting for seasonal fluctuations as they occur, smart home systems control your thermostat automatically. With innovative app functions, you can set your home at a perfect 72 degrees (or whatever is ideal to you) every single day of the year. Avoid the arguments about who changed the thermostat with home automation.

Irrigation Systems

If you’ve ever had to run through water spray just to get to your own front door, then you know just how frustrating an ill-timed home sprinkler system can be. Limited in their capabilities, even the best irrigation system has its flaws – watering the lawn when it’s pouring rain, spilling wasted water down the driveway, unexpectedly spraying backyard guests. Avoid all the inconveniences by controlling your sprinklers remotely. Allowing you to adjust your watering schedules and times as needed, your smart home system saves you both frustration and money.

Pool System Controls

Need your backyard pool to be sparkling clean for that weekend pool party you’ve got scheduled? No need to call the pool guy back. Simply set the filter system, pool sweeper and heater from the convenience of your smartphone. Easily adjustable and highly responsive, your home automation takes over all the pool maintenance tasks for you – on your schedule.

Making life ridiculously easy and making your home as pleasant and inviting as it should be, your home automation system is highly customizable, including all the functions that matter to you. Avoid the annoying hassles of homeownership and start to truly enjoy all that your house offers by making it a smart home. Find out more by contacting our team of automation design experts now.