Smart Locks Make Life Simpler


Hello, and welcome back to the Leon Tech Solutions blog! As you have probably gathered from our other blog posts, we here at Leon Tech Solutions are all about home automation and smart home functionality. As technology in the home becomes more advanced, it only makes sense that people would come to expect their home to be smarter than the homes that were built in years past. The smartphone, for better or worse, has changed how we interact with the world and, because of this change, how we expect the world to interact with us. In today’s post, we are going to go over smart locks and wireless home accessibility, two features that we offer to our clients. Continue reading below to learn more.

What’s so Important About Home Accessibility?


For hundreds of years, people have relied on tiny pieces of metal carved into intricate shapes to make sure that their homes are secure. If that sounds a little outdated to you, we completely agree. With all of the amazing technological advancements that we have seen in the past decade, it’s no wonder that people started to wonder if there wasn’t a better way to be able to allow and deny access to their homes. While keypad locks were a step in the right direction, they still weren’t as convenient as they could be because they still required a physical interaction. Luckily, we here at Leon Tech Solutions happily install home accessibility systems that allow our customers to remotely grant access to their home as well as provide them with a level of control that, up until this point, was impossible. Below, we have listed a few of the features that our home accessibility services provide.



  • Smart Locks: Never worry about keys again with our smart locks. By connecting to your phone, smart locks allow you to lock or unlock your home from anywhere and allows you to grant access to only the people that you choose.
  • Auto Gate Access: Have you ever struggled with remembering the access code to a gate? With our automatic gate access, you’ll never have to commit another gate code to memory. Additionally, this service makes it simple to allow guests to have access to your community.
  • Garage Access: Our home accessibility services also tie into your garage door, meaning that you’ll never have to keep up with a garage door opener again. Simply open up the home accessibility app on your smartphone to gain instant access to your garage.



If you would like to learn more about the home accessibility services that we offer as part of our home automation package, please contact us today and let us answer any questions that you may have. At Leon Tech Solutions, we have been providing home automation services to Bridgehampton area residents for years and we are certain that once you experience the level of professionalism and the quality of the materials that we use, you will see what makes us the best choice in the area for all of your home automation needs.