The advent of the smart home is only one of many technological developments propelling us into the future of homeownership. Do you dream of owning one someday? For those who are unfamiliar with the idea, it might seem like a relatively new concept, and that’s because it is! Though it is quickly picking up steam in a wider range of homes and neighborhoods, there seems to be a wealth misinformation that persists about smart home automation.

To be clear, a smart home is essentially one that incorporates a range of devices that contain some level of connectivity, whether to the internet or to other devices. The ultimate result is automation or the delegation of tasks to an enabled device.

As we prepare to sift out the myths and reveal the facts, you may become attracted to the ease of use that home automation can bring into your life. Keep reading as we debunk some of the most popular myths circulating about the burgeoning, high-tech service.

1. Smart Homes Are A Scam

It is a healthy habit to hold a reasonable amount of skepticism, especially when it comes to emerging technologies. There have been a few unfortunate circumstances where it was found that certain devices and appliances have malfunctioned, but a bit of research and patience could have prevented more of these incidents from happening.

Though some devices claim to belong in the “smart home” market, the devices and services offered at León Tech Solutions are unrivaled in quality, effectiveness, and durability. Our time-tested devices can withstand any home-related concern so you can rest assured that your smart home will always be in perfect working order.

2. No One Can Afford A Smart Home

At first glance, converting your house into a smart home might seem like it comes with an insurmountable price tag. The reality, however, is that the cost of smart home automation is similar to a regular home remodeling–new windows can cost over $500 each, and a bathroom remodel alone can cross the $10,000 threshold.

The trick is to compare prices between manufacturers so that you are sure to get the best deal. In any case, an important thing to consider is that while smart home renovations can be costly, they are no less expensive than remodeling your home traditionally. At León Tech Solutions, not only will you get the maximum results for your dream smart home, your budget will be happy too.

3. Smart Homes Are Only For The Tech Savvy

The phrase “smart home” might conjure up images of complex panels and circuitry, all requiring a licensed technicians level of expertise. As it turns out, most smart home products are much easier to manage than you might expect.

While it is true that certain smart home products may involve some technical proficiency, such as a device that may need to be connected to your HVAC unit manually, most devices are built in such a way that all you have to do is plug it into the appropriate outlet and follow a few simple steps. Ultimately, the level of handiwork you are willing to do is generally proportional to the level of “smartness” you want your home to possess. For example, if you plan to convert your house into a completely voice controlled home, chances are likely that you will need more technical support.

No matter how detailed your plans are for your smart home, León Tech Solutions offers installation services for every budget and plan. We work with you and your unique preferences to help you achieve the home of your dreams.

4. There’s Only One Way To Have A Smart Home

One of the most popular myths surrounding smart home automation is that only one method or plan exists when it comes to making the transformation. However, the truth could not be farther from the case. There is a wide range of products and services you can mix and match depending on your budget and overall extent of automation. Renting or owning your home also can influence the type of “smart” home you can achieve. If you are renting your home, look for places in your lease where a device that alters the function of your electrical wiring might be against the rules.

On the other hand, owning your home will usually afford you the freedom to “smarten” up your home that aligns with your desired results. Still not sure which devices you would like to install? Give us a call and arrange for a consultation where you will get expert advice from our staff based on your individual needs.

5. Smart Security Devices Don’t Work

Smart security devices are experiencing an exponential growth in popularity; most of them seem to market themselves as more secure than traditional security systems, but the skeptic in us may question the validity of that claim. You might make the argument that traditional system manufacturers have had much more time to perfect their technology, and are therefore more reputable in their effectiveness. The fact that often gets missed, however, is that many smart security device companies build upon traditional security systems to create a device that has the best of both worlds, or, better yet, is a drastic improvement from its traditional counterpart.

Though no security system is entirely foolproof, the likelihood that a smart system can be outsmarted is diminishing by the minute. Thanks to devices that verify the homeowners’ biometrics as a security measure, your home can be even safer from the dangers of the outside world.

6. Smart Home? Forget Privacy

One of the defining arguments of smart home automation skeptics is that many smart devices are specifically designed to violate your privacy. Indeed, there have been a few cases where a camera or microphone equipped smart product has been found to monitor its users’ speech and actions, but most devices comply with manufacturer’s regulations that ensure a homeowner’s privacy.

Keep in mind that transforming your house into a smart home does come with its unique set of challenges that traditional home remodeling does not have, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. Though some smart home products have the potential to violate your privacy, most devices are designed to protect it at all costs. To avoid any and all risk, though, you might consider installing products that do not contain a microphone or camera anywhere on the device. You can also connect your internet enabled devices through a VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, so the likelihood of your smart home falling victim to hackers is essentially eliminated.

7. Smart Homes Will Never Go Mainstream

The truth is that smart home automation has been around since the 1980s, and perhaps even earlier. In the past few years especially, the technology market saw a boom in smart home products, and now you might be hard-pressed to miss them in most home improvement and cellular network stores.

Though the smart home sector is still experiencing some growing pains as with any emerging technological industry, it is becoming increasingly clear that smart home automation is only growing in prevalence and will be here to stay. As devices and services keep improving, homeowners like you will find even more reasons to make the switch.

Do You Have a Smart Home?

At León Tech Solutions, we are fully aware that the smart home industry is ever-evolving, but we also know that our products and services will help you get the smart home of your dreams. To find out more about what we can do for you, visit our page and contact us today!