Your smart home can grant you access without added trouble.

Misplaced keys, broken locks, forgotten codes and dysfunctional sensors have all made the end of a long day even more frustrating for one homeowner or another. There’s no doubt that access to your home should be easy and stress-free, allowing you to get in whenever you want. After all, it’s your house. But when you can’t just breeze in, for whatever reason, your day can take a suddenly frustrating turn.

Avoid it all by controlling your home access systems through home automation. Our services include:

  • Automatic garage access – Tying your equipment in with our home automation system, you can easily get into your garage by just logging into your app on your smartphone.
  • Auto gate access – By adding your security code into our network, you’ll never have to commit to memory another random set of numbers again.
  • Sensors – Digitally controlling both light and access sensors, inside and outside of your home, you can depend on 24-hour sensor control from wherever you may be.
  • Door locks – Avoiding that heart-stopping moment when you suddenly get the idea that you’ve left the front door or garage unlocked, your home automation system lets you easily check and lock any door remotely and easily.

Find out more about the life-changing benefits of a home automation system by calling the experts at The Leon Group. We are committed to excellence in innovative home technologies.